Venetian Blinds

First introduced to the world by Hunter Douglas in 1946, Venetian Blinds have become a design classic for windows.

The enduring charm of our Venetian Blinds lies in their design, durability and versatility with precise control of light intensity and direction.

Key benefits

  • Suitable all types of windows including turn and tilt, glass doors, sloped windows and glass partition walls.
  • Bounce back slats, heat treated and spring tempered for best in class durability.
  • An unrivalled selection of slat widths, colours, finishes, decorative options.
  • Your branding and logo can be applied to the tassel sets.
  • Our Hardware Platform Concept enables you to choose the desired level of additional options and innovations for your brand.
  • Made with up to 98% high-quality recycled aluminium.

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